Token Factory understands that the classical financial system and new innovations such as blockchain will move closer to symbiosis over the coming years. While combining the experience of team members with a background in traditional banking, stock trading, cyber security, and blockchain, Token Factory aims to marry the old with the new.


What are tokens?

Tokens are units of digital value. Usually, these are associated with digital currencies. While the most famous digital currency is bitcoin, “tokens” usually refer to the technology pioneered by the Ethereum project, which allows programmers to engineer digital currencies and tokens with special attributes. We use these tokens to make financial transactions faster, smarter, and more agile.

How we work

How we work

While each opportunity calls for its own solution, our typical process consists of three main elements. First, backing. Financial backing of some kind is secured for each token to maintain value for the issuer and to promote confidence in the future value of the token. Next, the token is created. This is the technical process by which the token is minted and prepared with the required attributes and characteristics for its use case. Finally, each token is distributed. In some cases, tokens are distributed via our verified partner applications to end users. In others, they are used for a client’s internal purposes, business-to-business transactions, or for use by institutions.

Advisory Board

The Token Factory is governed by a board which combines expertise in cutting edge technology with decades of experience in law, regulation, banking, and finance.

Jan Willem Veldhuis [Bloxy]

Jan Willem is an internationally recognized cyber security and blockchain expert. While working as a member of an elite cyber security team, he contributed to several well known blockchain projects like Litecoin, Ethereum and Lisk before receiving groundswell funding for his initial coin offering in 2017. This funding has been leveraged into a leading technology company that produces robust backend solutions for blockchain, user-centered applications, and novel use cases for smart contracts. Jan Willem's vision is to help people take back ownership of their hard-earned money. Sidelining the banks with the adoption of blockchain technology to improve the efficiency of our current financial, regulated system.

Peter Engelberg [Tribeca]

Peter Engelberg has strong managerial expertise as CEO of a Luxembourg Bank and from running International Asset Management & Private Equity firms. The solid experience of Peter builds on knowledge of the international Financial Markets, strategic acumen and experience of Corporate Finance deals. He has an extensive work experience as a business and legal advisor through Board memberships as well as general counsel positions to both major corporations and startups. Peter holds a Master’s degree in Law from Lund University, Sweden, and a diploma of studies in International Management from IMD in Lausanne, Switzerland.

Michiel van Eersel [Borg Advocaten]

Within Borg lawyers, Michiel van Eersel is responsible for financial (supervisory) law and disciplinary law in the financial sector. His expertise includes providing assistance in disputes with financial regulators (AFM and DNB) and disputes over investments and financing. He also advises on compliance, internal investigations, remedial actions and the introduction of new supervisory rules (implementation). He also supervises the creation of investment funds and the structuring of alternative financing propositions (including crowdfunding, credit unions and SME bonds).

Token Factory & Stiching L.O.T.F.

Stiching Token Factory

Foundation Stichting Token Factory is a not-for-profit institute registered in the Netherlands. The foundation is an important part of organization Token Factory in that it has been designed to be immodifiably transparent and impartial. The foundation is the legal owner of all assets used by Token Factory B.V. to maintain its own value positions relative to the tokens that it mints. It is also a center of trust for the end user as its holdings and activities are regularly audited and subject to Dutch legislation for not-for-profits.

Ronin Ronin the App

Verified Partners

Token Factory works with verified partners to distribute tokens to the end user. These partners are important in that they are able to close the loop and bring the solutions of blockchain into the lives of everyday users. The strictest standards for security, usability, transparency and user welfare and privacy are applied for all applications and products seeking to distribute Token Factory tokens.

Become a verified partner

If you are interested in distributing token factory tokens or discussing the creation of a custom solution, please contact us.